Yoga Farts

Over the last few days, I’ve been taking it easy in preparation for my upcoming race. I call it resting, others call it tapering just to make it sound cooler than it really is.  It’s a sprint, what are we tapering down to? Rest and eat, rest and eat! Save the tapering for the big races.

Anyway, during my “tapering time”, I like to incorporate some yoga for relaxation, balance and stretching. I want to tell you a funny story that happened tonight in class. But before I do, I want to tell you this. The class is always full of women, so I’m assuming that’s why they keep the studio hotter than balls. It’s stuffy and I sweat like a pig. Someone told me it might be a hot yoga class. I wasn’t smart enough to ask what that was. Sounds kinky, so I thought they were pulling my leg. Whatever!

So now the story. We were doing some position that had my face closer to my crack than I’m more comfortable with. It caused a little pressure in the belly region, but I pushed through the discomfort.

Whatever the hell this is called…


Yeah, that.

Well, the lady next to me couldn’t handle the pressure…I guess. She FARTS and we’re all in the same position with our faces near our cracks. At first , I was like…


Then I was like…

Oh No you didn't

She doesn’t apologize or fall out of position…we just get an innocent, “whoopsy”. I had to fall out of position because I was laughing inside, which quickly morphed into an outright laugh when I noticed that everybody acted like it didn’t happen. Am I wrong for laughing?

Now, back to the stuffy heat in this room. Have you ever been in a hot car when someone locks the windows and farts?  Yes, it was like that. I’m guessing every guy that’s been through college knows what I’m talking about. Funniest part is that if you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know you’re supposed to take deep breaths and not to hold it. It was a very unpleasant feeling to say the least. I’m still laughing as I write this story.

I’m guessing that lady won’t be back to class for awhile. And about this yoga vs hot yoga, is there a difference?

Hope you enjoyed!


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